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Sokia, pseudonym for Solange Kirschen, is born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a young girl she appears to have a lot of talent for drawing. In connection with the unstable political situation in Argentina under Videla and partly under the threat of abduction, she moves with her family to Brussels. In Brussels, Sokia goes through the Lycée Français. Then she studies sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts. An artistic future is on the horizon. Through her marriage with a Dutchman she ends up in the Netherlands. She initially focuses on painting, but has in the meantime embraced her passion for drawing. Sokia lives and works in the Netherlands.

Her painting is characterized by a cosmopolitan, mystical approach. Her powerful brushstroke is immediately recognizable. Earthy ground tones with mostly strong contrasting colors are Sokia's trademark. Her oeuvre is exponential for the searching, 21st century man. Her special collection was exhibited for the first time in the Netherlands in The Hague.

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